Project Cycle Management Trainings

Ankara University – Turkish Red Crescent Association – Turkish Federation of Youth Associations – Viva Youth Association – TD Carier Group – Turkish Orienteering Federation – General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works

Social-Youth Project Trainings

Active Link (194390) – Who Scares of Project (TR-12-E22-2012-R1) –  No-Visa for Youth on the Move (TR-12-404-2011-R2) – Similarity in Diversity ( SK-11-E28-2013-R1 ), Let’s Play Together (TR-31-E23-2013-R1), We Are Young Active Employable (TR-11-E511-2013-R2), Orienteering: Run for Common Future (TR-31-E292-2013-R3), Youth Voice: One Step Closer to Sustainability in Youth Work (2014-1-TR01-KA105-004628), International Youth is Meeting in Antalya with Orienteering,

Project Development&Management for Social Fields

Noticing the Invisibles – Singing on Train(TR-11-777-2011-R5) – Who Scares of Project (TR-12-E22-2012-R1) – Youth and First Civic&Democratic Constutition (TR-13-E10-2012-R1) – Youth Caravan – Let’s Play Together (TR-31-E23-2013-R1)

Coaching for Social Projects

EuroVideoDesk (TR–12–E151–2013–R1)

Erasmus+ Seminars

Rotary Ankara (25/11/2013), Ankara University (13/05/2014), Turkish Red Crescent Association (09/12/2014)

Quality Management for Social Project

Renaissance Institute, Ankara University, Youth and Sports Ministry

Volunteer Management Training

Turkish Red Crescent Association